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The Power of Scent

The Power of Scent 0

Every time an essential oil bottle opens, tiny molecules are released into the air. Once they hit the air, your olfactory system wakes up.
  • Heather Carnes
What is an LRP?

What is an LRP? 0

The doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) provides free product credits (points) for monthly purchases ordered on the program.
  • Heather Carnes
Why dōTERRA?

Why dōTERRA? 0

When you choose When you choose doTERRA, you are choosing essential oils gently and carefully distilled from plants...
  • Heather Carnes
What is an Essential Oil?

What is an Essential Oil? 0

If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These naturally occurring...
  • Heather Carnes
Weight and Thyroid

Weight and Thyroid 0

I have battled my weight all of my life. Growing up, we lived on macaroni, bread, and soup. Being shy and super self conscious about my ...
  • Heather Carnes
Quinoa Bites

Quinoa Bites 0

Quinoa is a great food for those who want to change their carbs around to something more healthy. Quinoa has antioxidant ...
  • Heather Carnes
Detox Salad

Detox Salad 0

Well, during one of our trips a couple of months ago, we went into Kroger’s to pick up some lunch. They had a “Super Detox Salad” on sale for 99 cents ...
  • Heather Carnes
Homemade Deodorant

Homemade Deodorant 0

I began making my own personal hygiene products about a year ago. After I began implementing healthier habits in my life, my ...
  • Heather Carnes