First Day of P90X

First Day of P90X
Hey! Welcome!
For many years people always talked about having a bucket list or goals they would like to accomplish by a certain time. Me? No. I was always afraid to make goals because of a childhood fear that I once held very deep. That fear has always followed me but it is getting easier for me to make goals. I have not even finished my dream board since January. I really would like to complete it soon so I can make another one for January of 2019 (lol). 
If I could make one important goal for this year, it is to lose the weight I gained during my practicum and internship of last year. See, I was told last year that I had Hashimoto and for some reason, I lost hope in ever losing weight. Then I started thinking, I lost 130 pounds before I even knew I had a thyroid issue! I know that it can be done. Since I started taking care of myself 10 years ago, I have loved working out, sweating, and getting healthy. But I began to believe what others were saying about having a hard time losing weight with a thyroid disorder. So needless to say, I have struggled. I now know that since I did it once before, I can do it again. 
I started P90X today. I woke up and did the 30 minute P90x3 CVX workout. Oh my, did it feel good. I have followed my planned eating schedule for today, which adds to the feeling of accomplishment. When I came home, I had dinner and allowed my food to do its thing for an hour. I then trotted myself down to my basement workout area where Jason and I completed P90X Core Synergistics. There are still some things that I absolutely cannot do like bow to boat or sphinx push-ups but I will try my best because I know in time, I will gain strength and lose some fat. My goal is to complete one round and see how I feel.
I know the workouts work because I have completed 1 month before but I allowed myself to quit doing them. I love the P90X workouts and I respect Tony H. He helps me to be motivated. He lets you know that if you are tired to take a break and pick back up when you can. He is not intimidating like other trainers either. He is just super cool. 
Before I started, I asked my doctor if I was clear to workout and how many calories he would suggest (what was the lowest amount, etc). I will not disclose my weight until I hit the 200 pound mark. I am hoping that I stick to this schedule and continue to workout because I do enjoy it and I want to hit my goal weight. It makes it nice because Jason has now agreed to workout with me during the evening workout which helps tremendously. It is always nice to have someone to workout with. 
I will keep you updated on my progress. 
Take care of yourself! 

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