My Steamer.

My Steamer.

I bought my first steamer at Walmart about 7 years ago. I had cut out fried foods then and began steaming all of my vegetables. I recently upgraded my steamer to the Ninja Multi-Cooker plus. Now, my new Ninja rocks (and cooks). It has four cooking functions: slow cook, stove top, steam, and bake. Everything right there at my little fingertips. It has a 6 quart lightweight nonstick cook pan, the steam-roast rack and the glass lid with a handle that does not burn your hand off when you lift the lid off.

   The Ninja has triple fusion heat which means, it has a bottom heat, side heat, and steam heat to really keep my stuff warm. It also features an auto-stay warm. There is no overcooking once the thing kicks off. Another feature that is nice, is the programmable time and temperature. It is also portable. So now, I steam all of my food in the Ninja. It absolutely cooks great. I highly recommend one if you are looking to add another countertop appliance in your kitchen.

I gave up microwaves years ago.  I don’t like them. I didn’t like the way eggs turned out, or to even cook food in a microwave, it was too gross for me. (I used to microwave parmesan cheese with water in it because it turned into a weird string cheese that I thought was delish…dude, I was in like elementary school!).

The benefits of steaming your food is what is important. It is the healthiest way to cook your food. It requires no cooking oil or nasty spray, preserves your vitamins and minerals, and the vegetables maintain their nutritional value.  It is a good way to cook your food without burning it too! The vegetables maintain their natural color and flavor. I know that when I eat food that is cooked in a pan with boiling water, I want to throw up. Its gross. There are no cross flavors either (unless I cook my beets and my asparagus all together but then, it’s still not like boiling them in water together. Steamed food is also easier to digest.

Steaming food can help you with a healthier life. It can help reduce fat intake because you don’t have to cook with all the oils. Now, I like olive oil and coconut oil when they are simply out of the container but I don’t really cook with them except on occasions. Steaming food helps lower cholesterol. When steaming meats, it helps the fat drip off of the meat which means lower calories and lower cholesterol.

Conventional cooking methods simply take out the minerals and vitamins. When we steam food, vitamins such as B vitamins, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, biotin, B12, pantothenic acid, Vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc remain in the food. When we boil vegetables, it literally gets rid of most of the good stuff; ya know, like taste, vitamins, and minerals.

I steam most of my vegetables because of the goitrogens in food. They can disrupt the thyroid and I don’t have time for that stuff in my life.

So, I must say, if you have never tried to steam your food, I recommend trying it. You will not want to go back to conventional methods of cooking.

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  • Heather Carnes
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