National Weed Your Garden Day

National Weed Your Garden Day
If you have a garden, this day is for you! 
National Weed Your Garden Day!
This is one area where I have always lacked. I fail in the self-discipline area of weeding my garden. Our garden is very large so it takes a lot of time and effort to have the beautiful weedless garden I desire. This year, so far, I have done well. It has rained here the past 2 days so everything in my garden is growing. Things look great and I am happy. 
Today, I chose to weed my strawberry plants and my loofah swash. I'm pretty good with my strawberry plants but they did need my attention. When I went out there, tomatoes were growing in my strawberry patch! My guess is that a chicken must have pooped a few seeds in my patch. See, my strawberry patch is covered with chicken wire so that chickens don't feast on my I'm thinking that a chicken has walked on the chicken wire all while taking a poo on my strawberries. (I love my little peeps). Anyway, moving on....
Weeding your garden is important. Weeds (creeping Charley...I hate that stuff) can complete for nutrients, sun, and water. Its is important to keep the weeds down so your vegetables can grow healthy. 
There are many ways that gardeners keep weeds at bay in their gardens. Some choose to landscape fabric to help keep weeds out. Others choose to simply lay mulch around their flowers. Some choose to kill weeds via chemicals, which I refuse to do. Me? I choose to take the chicken poop filled straw and lay it around my plants. Although weeds still grow in the straw, it is not as bad plus my plants get nutrients from the chicken poop. 
Another great way to keep weeds down is by placing a thick layer of wood chips down. This particular choice is beneficial because the wood chips break down and encourage microbial activity, reduce insect activity, and diseases. Wood chips also reduce the amount of fertilizer you need for your plants and helps keep moisture in the ground. If you don't have wood chips, you can simply call a local tree trimming service to see if they will kindly dump a load of chips in your yard. Many of the companies don't mind dropping them off at people's houses, especially if they are going to be in the neighborhood. 
I have used the wood chips before with good success. Since I turn a lot of stuff on the lathe, I keep some of the tiny wood chips ans use it for chicken bedding. (You have to know what is poisonous for animals though). It is like a win win for me. I make things on the lathe, use the shavings for chicken bedding, and  turn around and use the poop filled chicken bedding for the garden. 
So take an extra 15 minutes today to celebrate this special holiday that all gardeners enjoy (well, some of us) and get some of the weeds out of the garden! Your plants will thank you! 

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  • Heather Carnes
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