Weight and Thyroid

Weight and Thyroid

I have battled my weight all of my life. Growing up, we lived on macaroni, bread, and soup. Being shy and super self conscious about my weight never helped. Being called names by some of the people I lived with on a daily basis didn’t help either. I guess I finally realized one day that I would always be fat.

I never understood the concept of trying to lose weight….healthy food….counting calories…a good night’s sleep. I would literally not eat for days thinking that would help me lose weight. I wanted to lose weight so bad. I hated hearing people call me names. It really hurt coming from those who I had to be face to face with every single day. I even had a family member try to convince me to take speed when I was in elementary school so I would lose weight. It hurts me to this day when I think about it.

Well, nothing happened until I was around the age of 30, that I met a great friend who had lost weight and was a healthy conscious person. We started walked and she would teach me certain things about food. She even invited me to go to the gym with her e very morning at 6 am. I was so happy for once in my life. I remember watching Oprah years and years ago when she was on her weight loss kick. There was a woman on there who decided to lose weight and would make the sacrifice to get up every morning and be at the gym at 5 am before her family got up. I wanted to be like that so bad and finally had made that decision to do so. The help of a friend was so beneficial too.

My weight had gotten so bad that my scales at home would not weight me. They would only scale up to 330 pounds. I was wearing a 3X or 4 X. I could only wear sweat pants which was all together humiliating in itself. When I started walking, I could only walk the .08 mile and had to turn around. At the gym, I could only do 5 minutes of the arc trainer until I thought I was going to die. Ugh. It was rough. I did not give up. For once in my life, I found what made me happy. I was losing weight. I will never forget the day I got to the gym and weighed myself and the scales read 269. I know around that time, I simply sat and cried. My life long goal was becoming reality. I cried some more.

Then there was the day the scales ready 214. I thought I was going to die. It was about this time, that more emotional turmoil hit the fan and I kinda slacked off from working out and walking my 3 miles a day. I quit going to the gym. My weight remained at 225 for the next year. I met Jason. My weight went up to 269 once more. It was then I had blood tests done and my TSH, t3, and t4 were clinically off. My TSH was at 71. It is supposed to be .450 – 4.500. The doctor said that was the second highest TSH number he had seen in his office.

The greatest thing about that doctor was….I went and got blood work drawn. The very next morning, he called me and told me to get into his oô€‚£ce. I went. He gave me the news. My cholesterol and HDL was really bad too. He said he was not going to touch those until my thyroid was ô€‚¡xed. When my thyroid numbers went to normal, the rest of my numbers including cholesterol and HDL numbers went to perfect levels. I was shocked. To get back on track, he calls me in, and explains the results of my test. He told me my homework was to research everything I could about thyroid. After that, he was my hero. I had never had anyone tell me to research something, especially having to do with my health. He asked me if I had any symptoms….weight gain? Yes. Dry skin? No. Thinning hair? No. Constipation? No. Tired all the time? No. Achy muscles? No. I had none of these. The major symptom I had and did not know that it was part of having a slow thyroid was ANXIETY!!! I can’t tell you how many times I was entered into the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack and dying. I can’t tell you how many times I would go to bed with a lavender bottle at my nose to calm my anxiety.

He put me on Nature-throid, which is a t3/t4 medication, which helped me tremendously. He later on added a small dose of levothyroxine, which is t4 medication. He wanted to bump up my t4 levels.

I have also noticed that when I take my Vitamin D everyday, it helps with my anxiety. I never knew it would help until I had to complete a research class for my Master’s on depression and Vitamin D. I chose the topic but it was so interesting that the people on Fluoxetine felt much better when they added Vitamin D supplements compared to those who did not take Vitamin D while on Fluoxetine. So, I try to take about 4,000 IUs daily.

So, I’m simply forwarding this information. Most doctors only check your TSH. If it is normal, they don’t think you have thyroid issues. Tell your doctor to do a full thyroid panel. I have Mom to get hers done. Her doctor said her TSH was fine and that he didn’t see the need to do a full panel. I finally convinced her to go to my doctor and when he did the full thyroid panel, her t3 was not functioning by 30%. Her TSH was fine.

My hero has since retired and it took my going through about 3 or 4 doctors until I found one that I feel understands my needs and shares my passion for alternative health.
I am also still taking care of my weight. More on that later.

Until next time,
Take care!

P.S. I am not a doctor. Please see your doctor if you have any concerns about your health. I am only providing information that was helpful to me!

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